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To list an item for luxury resale with us you will need to fill out a product seller form. Please read the information below in regards to our condition guide, commission rates and payment process. If you are happy then please click the link to start listing with us.

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How Does it Work

How Do You Get Paid?

1) You Request To List Your Item

2) Once we approve the product it will be live on our website and we will push to our direct client list.

3) When a customer purchases your item, we will send you a shipping label.

4) The items will be shipped to our office, where our experts will fully authenticate the product. This ensures peace of mind for both the seller and buyer.

5) We will then release the funds to your account and ship the item to the buyer with full tracking and signature.

Why Do We Need To Authenticate?

We authenticate all items before processing payment to ensure that the product is in the correct condition listed.

If we do not approve this step, we will return your item with tracked delivery and refund the buyer.

Our Commission Rate

Our commission rate is 15% of the final sale price, plus a £10 listing fee.

We believe in fairer commission and do not charge the high fees that many other luxury resale platforms do.

For exotic pieces we may negotiate a mutual commission rate. Please note that will only be for pieces that we determine are rare and exotic. 

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Our Condition Guide


These pieces have never been used. They have also been stored perfectly, and have no signs of wear or use. They will come with original tags and receipt.


These items will appear unworn but have been used. These items will have no signs of wear and no scratches.

Very Good

With minimal use and wear. Scratches may only be seen up close and must be small.

Unfortunately we only accept items which are of the highest condition to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the pre-loved products that they receive.

Hermès Mini Constance | Suede Ocre