Top Tips For An Hermès Bag London | Do I Need An Appointment?

We all know that Hermès shopping is both an experience and a game. Not everyone likes that, but we love the fun once you know the rules. Chanel might have put up their prices to be more expensive than Hermès, but Hermès is still more prestigious and exclusive. Hermès have built a reputation for quality craftsmanship with every bag being carefully handmade by their ateliers. 

If you are planning to visit Paris then please read our Top Tips On How To Get An Appointment At Paris Faubourg. 

Welcome to London. London has a selection of stores to choose from:

  • Hermès Bond Street (Flagship)
  • Hermès Sloane Street 
  • Hermès Selfridges
  • Hermès Harrods
  • Hermès Royal Exchange
  • Hermès Heathrow 

Hermès Bond Street London

Can you book a leather goods appointment in London? 

No. London is not the same as Paris, it does not requrire a pre-booked appointment in order to get access to their leather goods, however you’re still going to struggle to get that Birkin, Kelly or Constance on your first visit. I was recently talking to my sales, and she was saying how many customers London has … and that is talking about locals who live here. Often they have bags in stock but it is up to the store manager whether they are allowed to sell on that day and how many that might be. Even popular card holders or other leather goods are only given by the store managers approval. 

I Am Looking For A Birkin / Kelly or Constance

For Birkin, Kelly or Constance … if you are visiting Bond Street you are going to need to make a wish. You can try your luck at Selfridges or Harrods but unless you are going to be a very high spender, sadly your chances are small. 

I Am Looking For A Small Bag

On the other hand, if you are looking for a small non quota bag. Such as an Evelyn, Picotin or Garden Party, you do have a chance. The majority of mornings in the weekdays they have a selection of smaller bags available for purchase and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one. The sales probably will expect you to buy something with it, but it doesn’t need to be extravagant.  

If you are going to go in the weekdays for a non quota bag, then make sure you are there at least 30 minutes before opening. Every time I have walked past the queue is very long before the doors even open. Once you arrive they will book you in on the iPad and then send you to another SA upstairs. Once all the SA’s are occupied with a few waiting, the queue will stay until the morning rush has gone. So arrive early to get the best chance, if you go in the afternoon your chances are much lower. 

Hermès Bond Street London

Can I Build A Relationship With A Sales In London?

Building a relationship at Bond Street is a lot harder than buying something and getting their WhatsApp. Being the flagship store, they have a lot of high net worth clients and aren’t hugely interested in the tourist that visits once a year. If you are going to be visiting every month or every other month then I would say to build a strong relationship is important. 

Top Tips For Getting A Bag In London

  1. Go early and queue for a non quota bag
  2. Build a strong relationship if you want a permanent sales
  3. Make a wish and set up an account for a Quota
  4. Don’t make your wish in Bond Street if you are not a local 
  5. Go in the weekdays rather than the weekend. 



I m looking to get Birkin / Kelly bag to my wife in her birthday on 16th of January .
I will to come to London between 12th and 20th January .

I will be happy if someone help to get this bag .

Best regards
Fahad Al-Hajri

Fahad Al-Hajri December 10, 2023

Hi this is Manal from Kuwait.. coming to London next days and hopefully I can make an appointment thanks 🤍

Manal Al enizi October 01, 2023

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