How to Accessorise Your Hermes Bag? Discover the Hermes Bag Charms

You might have just bought a new Hermès bag, don’t let it become lonely. Your bag deserves to get gifts just as much as you, so why not treat them to a cute bag charm or a twilly to keep the handle protected. Hermès offer a range of bag charms, twillys and scarves that you can use to accessorise your bag. Maybe you want to add some extra colour or buy something that matches the colour exactly, either way let us show you some of the ways that you can customise your Hermès bag.

The Rodeo

This is undoubatbly the most popular and most famous bag charm that Hermès launched. It was launched in 2005 and until today, it is highly sort after and not the easiest to purchase. Often stores and the Hermes website are sold out. We even know in some stores, rodeos need manager approval. For a bag charm? Yes really.

The Rodeo bag charm comes in many different colourways some multicoloured and some like the one above in one colour. The rodeo comes in both GM (Large), MM (Medium) and PM (Small) sizes so you can choose the correct size for your bag. You’ll now find the Rodeo comes in Touch leather, which means it can feature an exotic sandal or even real horsehair. This charm is styled by tying the leather strap around your bag strap.

Hermes Rodeo Charm | How To Accessorise Your Hermes Bag

The Pegasus

The Hermès Pegasus Bag Charm was launched in 2021 and is a reimagining of the traditional Rodeo charm. The Pegasus has a more fairy tale feel, featuring wings to allow your mini horse to fly. As with the Rodeo it comes in both lambskin colourways as well as exotics. We would say that the Pegasus charm is even harder to get than the rodeo, so be sure to ask for it when you go into the store. This charm is styled by tying the leather strap around your bag strap.

Hermes Pegasus Charm | How To Accessorise Your Hermes Bag

The Classic Twilly

Hermès Twillys are classic and probably more common to see on an Hermès bag than one of the bag charms. New Twillys are released every season in a variety of colourways. They are designed by both Hermès in-house designers as well as by collaborations with other designers and artists. Twilly scarves serve both an aesthetic purpose and a functional one. The Twilly helps to protect the handles of our bag from hand creams or perspiration, this is great to help maintain your leather from becoming worn or stained.

Hermès introduced the Twilly in 2003 and have since remained an extremely popular product. They were originally introduced to be worn around the neck or arm but have since become more popular for decorating your bag. The Hermes twilly comes in many styles, colours and patterns so you will be sure to find one that suits your bag and personal style.

Hermes Twilly | How To Accessorise Your Hermes Bag

The Twilly Charm

Want to add a mini bag to your bag? A Kelly for your Kelly? Then this is the perfect accessory to gift to your bag. The Hermes Twilly charm pays homage to the popular Kelly Bag and is the smallest Kelly in the world. It comes in a variety of leathers as well as rare exotics such as croc and lizard. These charms come with a silk strap that you can place around your bag's handle. The Twilly charm can’t fit much but you could put some small coins, a small key or your AirPods inside. Hang this bag on your Kelly 25, how adorable.

Hermes Twilly Charm | How To Accessorise Your Hermes Bag

The Budy Charm

The Budy charm was released in 2021 and is one of the cutest bag charms they have launched. It is in the shape of a dog, made from leather and soft fluffy shearling for the arms and legs. It is quite large so we don’t feel it suits small bags such as the Kelly Mini or the Mini Kelly, but it is perfect for since 25 and upwards. The Budy Charm like all other charms comes in a variety of colourways but this choice is much smaller than that of the Rodeo and Pegasus charms. If you don’t have one, it is defiantly worth investing in one for your collection.

Hermes Budy Charm | How To Accessorise Your Hermes Bag

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