Top Tips To Get An Hermès Appointment In Paris (Faubourg Saint-Honoré)

We all know that scoring a Hermès Birkin or Kelly on your first visit will be impossible. Of course you can try but be prepared to be politely but bluntly shut down by the Sales Associate (SA). If it was that simple I'm sure we wouldn't need to take a trip to Paris in the hope for our dream bag.  

Hermès in Paris is unique, here you will find they offer an online lottery system to get a leather goods appointment. With their abundance of bags at the flagship store Faubourg Saint-Honoré (FSH), you're likely to be offered something. 


How does the system work?

The Paris Hermès lottery system works a day in advance. You have to visit their dedicated Hermès Faubourg website between 10:30 & 18:30 the day before you'd like an appointment.

Here you'll be able to click on the link and fill in your details (including your passport number).

In the evening between 20:00 - 22:00 you will receive a email letting you know whether you have secured an appointment or not. Don't get too disheartened it is not easy.  Keep trying until you get one. 

Purchase History:

A purchase history at Hermès is not essential but we think it definitely helps. Luck is a big factor in securing the perfect bag but now with the one world system, they want to see you love the brand. You will see people posting online that they scored a Cargo Birkin or a Picnic Kelly at their leather goods appointment ... these are clients who have a history of shopping in FSH, don't be fooled. 

If you don't have a big purchase history or you can't afford to have one (that's normal), then take a trip the day before and buy a twilly or a couple of ties. This will show that you didn't just want a bag and then run. 

If you do score an appointment once you've got the bag it's also a good idea to purchase something else. This builds a better relationship with the SA.  


While this is not confirmed or verified, most people I know only score their appointments when they are in Paris. Of course I know people that have got appointments while not in Paris, but this is rarer. Hermès make you sign up for an appointment using your smartphone, which of course is so they can track your location. 

I'd recommend trying before you go to Paris and they when you arrive keep trying. But in our opinion you are better off being in Paris. 




How to prepare for my appointment?

  • Your Passport 

You need to bring the passport that you signed up with for your appointment. They will check this when you arrive. If it's your friends then they will need to be the purchaser. Of course you can hijack the appointment but they will need to pay. 

  • Your Wishlist

They will ask for your Wishlist when your appointment starts. Have a think about what types of bags you would like, which leathers and which colours. The more options you give the more chance you have of being given something. Don't ask for a Picotin and a Kelly, as they're more likely to give you the Picotin. Wait until after they have searched for a Kelly and then as for a Picton if there was none. 

  • Your Outfit

I would highly suggest that you dress nicely for your appointment. Put in some extra effort, add some Hermès items if you own them. Sadly the Hostess will definitely judge your outfit and this could way on their decisions. 

Is is guaranteed I get a Birkin or Kelly?  

No matter your purchase history or strength of Hermès account, it is not guaranteed you will get a Birkin or Kelly. So I'd always say be excited but don't get your hopes up too much. It's really down to the SA at the time and whether the manager wants them to sell one to you. 

I have been to an appointment one time and got a Kelly 25 Sellier and the next time I got offered only a Picotin. 

Take your wish and make the effort to have a conversation with them and then wait and see.  

Do I believe you can score a Birkin or Kelly with no purchase history?


Why do they disappear for so long?

There is 2 reasons for this. The first is that they genuinely are looking for the perfect bag for you and sometimes this takes time to get from the vault. Often they need to get approval from the Leather Goods manager to offer a bag. 

Secondly, they can't give you the bags on your Wishlist but they want to make you wait. They want to make you feel they tried their hardest. 

They told me that they have no Birkins or Kellys available. Is that true?

100% this is not true. Like any Hermès store they always have Birkin/Kelly/Constance (BKC) available. Even the ones of display are available unless reserved. It is a matter of wanting to give them or having permission to sell them to you.

Personally I do not like that they say they don't have any but this is decided by the store manager. 


If you have an questions, please add them to the comments so that we can help you. 



I want to purchase birkin bag

Erliyanna Therese Salonga September 27, 2023

bonjour, je voulais prendre rendez-vous pour acheter des accessoires en cuir Merci

Svetlana Paskoesjeva August 24, 2023

can i apply for an appointment every day of the year if i live inFrance , if yes then does that mean i get offered a bag each time i get an appointment .

NOOR August 14, 2023

can i apply for an appointment every day of the year if i live inFrance , if yes then does that mean i get offered a bag each time i get an appointment .

NOOR August 14, 2023

I will arrive Paris on 14 June 23, can I have an appointment on 15 June?

Janet Ko April 18, 2023
Good morning : i would like to have an appointment any time Apr 9-12 2023

My Birthday present !!

Kanoakporn April 09, 2023


May February 09, 2023

Is it possible for an appointment before end of February?

Ocampo Roda February 07, 2023


I tried to make an appointment for the last March 2022, but I had no luck during my stay in Paris. I hope to get an appointment for my visit to Paris, which will be the beginning of March.🙏🏻

Amna Alsuwaidi February 02, 2023

Can we also have the link pasted in the comments section of the exact page on their website? Thx!

Cristina Nan January 05, 2023

Iv been trying sings oktober every day no luck.. with the online system

Ess January 01, 2023

Iv been trying sings oktober every day no luck.. with the online system

Ess January 01, 2023

I would like to have appointment on 23/12/22 7pm.

Goh Fong hen December 23, 2022

I want to make appointment today.

carmen December 18, 2022

I want to make appointment for 18/12/2022

Fajer alenezi December 02, 2022

Hey , i would like to have an appointment any time this week. I am trying so far but no luck

Sy Ong November 29, 2022

I’d like to make appointment to 21 December if you please
Thank you

Youssef November 22, 2022

Hi I would like a make appointment on 29/11/2022 please

Sara albannay November 04, 2022

Hi there, I would like to make the appointment on November 29 please.

Jasmine nguyen October 26, 2022

Make appointment in 8 Nov 2023

Tuti hotama October 24, 2022

Appointment to see baby clothes

Tuti hotama October 24, 2022

Plz I arrived today and I travel on 24 of October plz I want oppointment for bag and I will so happy if I get it thank u

Rini ziky October 20, 2022


Hope you are well. My mom and I just arrived in Paris this morning, and was wondering if we can get an appointment before the 24th of October 2022? If we could that would be brilliant as it will be her 36th wedding anniversary present!

Peggy Hsien October 19, 2022

How many times should i try to get an app. Will be there next week and need one pls

NAE October 19, 2022

I & my wife having a business trip in Paris from 13 to 25 October and wish to make appointment with the stores to purchase the leather bag. Please advise the possibility and specific store location during these period of time.

Sokheang Chan October 13, 2022

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