Introducing The Giga Sneaker From Hermès

Let’s talk about the latest sneaker from Hermès, yes this article is all about the new Giga Sneaker. It has recently been launched as part of the Spring / Summer 2023 collection, an update to the previous bouncing sneaker. It does come in less colour ways for now but we are certain there will be more to come. 

Hermes Giga Sneaker

Everyone who owns the classic bouncing sneaker knows that they are comfy but the Giga Sneaker is one step more comfortable. This is probably due to the additional height and width of the sole, more chunky but it makes longer wearing much softer. 

Hermes Giga Sneaker

The Giga Sneaker comes in both Men’s and Women’s styles with some full leather and some with a canvas upper part, just like we saw in the bouncing sneaker. The rubber oversized soles feature a graphical ‘H’ design in orange adding that classic Hermès pop. 

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