The History Of The Hermes Bolide Bag Featuring The Bolide Skate

The Hermès Bolide bag was first introduced in 1923 and was the first bag that Hermès created not designed for equestrian use. It was designed by Emile Hermès as a gift for his wife and was originally called 'Le Sac Pour L'Auto' before being renamed as 'Bolide.'

The Bolide was one of the first bags designed that incorporated a zipper, inspired by Emile Hermes' visit to an automobile showroom where he saw a zipper being used on the roof of a soft-top car.

Over the years, the Bolide has gone in and out of popularity, but in the past two to three years, we have seen a resurgence in the bag's popularity. There are many different designs, with the miniature sizes proving the most popular. However, Hermès has redesigned the Bolide for the bag's 100th anniversary.


The Original Bolide

The Bolide is a domed-shaped 'carry-all' bag that features a removable strap, making it perfect for hand carry, crossbody, or shoulder wear. It has a single zipper with a one-compartment interior. The outside of the bag features an oval patch designed to allow the user to add their own monogram if they wish.

The original Bolide comes in three sizes: 27cm, 31cm, and 35cm.

The History Of The Hermes Bolide 1923

The Bolide 1923

The Bolide 1923 is the redesigned version from Hermès that stays very close to the natural heritage of the original Bolide Bag. The bag still features a simple compartment with a domed shape, as well as a single zipper and removable strap.

The major change is the removal of the oval patch, which makes the bag feel more modern and in line with their other collections. In addition to this, Hermes has added a lock and key (except for the Mini Bolide).

The new Hermes Bolide 1923 comes in 18cm (Mini Bolide), 25cm, and 30cm.

The History Of The Hermes Bolide 1923

The Bolide Travel Bag 45cm

The Bolide Travel bag, in its largest size of 45cm, has become the most experimented-with over the years. We have seen the playful Shark Monster Bolide, the Bolide Skate and the Baseball Bolide.

This is a rather heavy bag to carry, but you won't need a carry-on suitcase with a Bolide Travel Bag over your shoulder.

The History Of The Hermes Bolide 1923

The Bolide Skate

The Bolide Skate was introduced for the 2023 celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Bolide. It features a skateboard design on the base in a variety of patterns depending on the leather color used. It was released as a limited collection and is a great collector's item. The base of the bag was handcrafted with a wooden trim.

The History Of The Hermes Bolide 1923

The Bolide On Wheels

The Mini Bolide on Wheels was a bag created in 2022 and was the first playful addition to the Mini Bolide. Along with a Mini Bolide Charm, these redesigns have sparked a resurgence in the Hermes customers' love for the Bolide Bag. The Bolide on Wheels is now even harder to get than some quota bags for some stores.

The History Of The Hermes Bolide 1923

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