5 Hermes Bags Under £5000 - 2023 Edition

With every year brings new bags, new colours and of course new prices. I'm sure you have a wish down for a beloved quota bag. While you wait for your wish to be fulfilled, why not take a look at some of the other beautiful bags that you can buy which are under £5000. 

We have picked our top 5 bags under 5K that you can purchase this year.

 5) Evelyne - £1540

The Hermes Evelyne. It had to be on the list didn't it? This is the classic crossbody bag from Hermes that has gained popularity for being the bag that you enter the H community with. A bag that is both statement Hermes, practical but most importantly affordable. 

Looking to run a few errands and need a small bag to put your keys, wallet and a few other small items, then the Evelyne is a fantastic bag. Hermes stores often have it available so do ask your SA for one if you love the style or are not wanting the break the bank. 

5 Hermes Bags Under £5000 - 2023

4) Picotin 18 - £2380

 The bag that you probably have, but why not get another in another colour. Maybe try the Cargo Picotin or one of the So Pink / So Black options. The picot comes in a variety of sizes and of course is a great everyday bag, but also elegant enough for a party or dinner out with friends. 

The Picotin is quite understated and can add a simple touch of Hermes to your outfit, without drawing yourself huge attention. With summer fast approaching, a Hermes Picotin is the perfect beach / picnic vibe addition. 

5 Hermes Bags Under £5000 - 2023

 3) Geta - £4450

 The Geta is a more recent addition to the Hermes family and has a similar feel to the classic Hermes Constance. It doesn't feature the Constance 'H' but it does have its only elongated 'H'. As with the Hermes Constance, the Hermes Geta Bag is functional and stylish. It is a pretty roomy bag with 1 main area inside, with 2 card slots at the front and 1 large pocket at the back. The Geta will defiantly have a place in your wardrobe, with a little more subtleness than a Constance. 

Not sure? You can always ask your SA in store to let you try one from the display to see how you feel ! 

5 Hermes Bags Under £5000 - 2023

2) Herbag 31 Zip Bag - £2350

We have placed the classic Herbag at number 2 in our choice of the 6 Hermes Bags under £5000. We love the Herbag here at Found Fashion and feel it is a bag that is extremely practical and versatile. You can use this bag for work, days out, studying in a coffee shop or as a hand luggage for a vacation. The Herbag can be styled with outfits easily and comes in a range of colour ways. 

If you don't have a Hermes Herbag, this is a bag that your SA is likely to be able to offer you. A bag that you can use literally daily ! It comes in both plain canvas as well as a water resistant one, which can easily be wiped clean. 

5 Hermes Bags Under £5000 - 2023

1) Kelly To Go - £4650

The Hermes Kelly To Go is not classed as a quota bag, this is because it falls into the 'Wallet' and 'Small Leather Goods' categories. For how much longer? We don't know. The Kelly to Go is a long wallet that comes with a shoulder strap and 2 interior compartments, making it feel like a small bag. 

The price has increased over 25% compared to last year, so if you are looking for cute Kelly bag that is under £5000, this year might be your last chance. 

5 Hermes Bags Under £5000 - 2023

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