Guide To Hermes Colours That Hold Their Value

Time for your new wish? Not sure what to ask for? Well, first make sure you get the colour you've always dreamed off, that is the most important thing. You need a bag that you love and will use. Once you've got your dream bag, you might now be looking for more bags to invest in that will retain their value. 

Colour is a huge part of your investment. For example, a bag in Vert Comics, might be on trend for 2023 but as time passes this will become more a niche piece. Harder to sell in the future and it could be an investment that loses you money. Likewise could be said for certain wines or champagnes, if it's not a popular vintage then it is unlikely to retain the value that you paid. 

We will give you a run down of which Hermes colours you should pick to get the most out of your investment. After all, you are putting both time and money into this. 

5) Bubblegum Pink 

Bubblegum Pink , the only non neutral colour on our list. Neutrals are well known to be popular in both the first hand and second hand markets, so you won't be surprised to see them here. Bubblegum Pink was released many years ago and has become the crown jewel of the pink shades. Pantone described this as the most playful pink and as one it is the most popular non neutral shade among Hermes collectors. If you're not looking for a neutral bag and you want something fun that is also an investment, then you can wish for Bubblegum Pink. 

Guide To Hermes Colours That Hold Their Value, Bubblegum Pink

4) Etain

Etain is the most sort after grey colour when you look at the history of Hermes. It is a cold, dark and strong grey colour that holds its value and works well with both Gold plated or Palladium plated hardware. You might see popularity in new greys such as 'Gris Meyer' but they do not have the track record or history to show they will hold their value in 10 / 20 years. If you are looking to add a grey bag to your collection, then Etain is a trusted option that will resell above retail. 

Guide To Hermes Colours That Hold Their Value, Etain

3) Black (Noir)

Everyone needs a small black handbag in their closet. A colour that meets the requirements of any occasion, being both subtle or a statement. Black / Noir will always be a popular choice and will certainly retain it's value as the years past. Black retains its colour the most over time and is more resistant to showing defects that come with use and age. It will always sell above retail, so whether it is your first Hermes bag or your tenth, black is a great choice. 

Guide To Hermes Colours That Hold Their Value, Black

2) Etoupe

Etoupe another neutral colour though more brownish than its counterpart Etain. Etoupe is done with white stitching which transforms the warm grey into something very special. The etoupe colour is perfect for warming up a cold outfit and can match with almost any colour. 

Guide To Hermes Colours That Hold Their Value, Etoupe

1) Gold

Gold the most classic of Hermes colours. The colour that perfectly compliments the Gold Hardware of any bag that you choose. The Hermes gold colour is notorious for attracting a premium in the resale market. The warm hues work perfectly for all seasons of the year and has become to most requested colour. Some Hermes clients are even requesting gold in their special orders as it becomes harder to get. If you don't already have a gold bag then you must invest in one. 

Guide To Hermes Colours That Hold Their Value, Gold

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