Introducing The Hermes Faubourg Polka Watch. Interwoven Elegance And Diamonds.

Hermès introduced the miniaturised Faubourg Watch in 2014 and this year they quintessential redesigned the original Faubourg, introducing the Faubourg Polka Watch. The Faubourg Polka Watch features a mother of pearl face and of course … diamonds ! This timepiece could easily pass as a piece of jewellery.

Hermes Faubourg Polka Watch

The Hermes Faubourg Polka Watch has had a redesigned bracelet constructed of interwoven dots and oblique lines, creating abstract elegance. It creates the vision of total freedom and a new language of what time means. This timepiece is definitely the perfect conversation starter and a bold update on the 2014 version.

The Hermes Faubourg Polka Watch features a dainty watch face that is encircled by diamonds. The diamonds are even more highlighted by the simple elegant mother of pearl watch face and minimal dial. This small 15.5mm watch certainly packs a punch.

Hermes Faubourg Polka Watch

The Faubourg watch is named after the flagship and most famous Hermes store in Paris. Each watch is crafted by the experienced Hermès artisans and stock is therefore limited. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the Faubourg Polka Watch.

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