A guide to shopping in Hermes London ! Is Hermes New Bond Street the best?

Do you live in London or planning a visit? Choosing the right Hermes store can be a tricky one even for the locals, every store has different stock and different rules. We help to break down which Hermes store is best for what in London, whether that be womenswear, beauty or homeware. We don't talk about leather goods such as bags as all London stores have stock and restock most days, but it is hit and miss unless you have a Wishlist. Most people think that it's easier to get a bag in the London Hermes Flagship store, but with so much competition and a lot of VIP clients, maybe think twice. 


1. London Hermès New Bond Street

Best For: Jewellery & Beauty

Hermès New Bond Street is of course the largest store being the UK’s flagship Hermès store. It is fully stocked and stock is replenished multiple times a week. It is spread over two floors. On the ground floor you will find: Scarves, Twillys, Menswear & Mens Jewellery. On the first floor you will find: Womenswear, Small Leather Goods, Fine Jewellery, Watches, Homeware, Beauty & Equestrian products. 

When you arrive at Hermès New Bond Street you will be registered when you arrive by a member of the team at the door and then asked which department you will be going to. For anything on the second floor, there is another member of the team who will check your registration and then ask you to wait for an SA. The wait can be up to an hour, or even longer at peak times. You have to remember that SA’s all have their private clients who pre-book appointments with them and this will take priority. 

Bond Street is very well stocked and the SA’s are all very helpful and friendly. I would suggest being direct with them about what you want, they are very busy and sometimes you can sense this when being served. For hard to get items, a lot of these need manager approval and are kept in the stockroom. For these items you will need to have a stronger relationship with an SA. But you can try your luck too. 

Hermes Store New Bond Street, London

2. Hermès Sloane Street, London

Best For: Menswear 

Hermès Sloane Street is the second largest store in London located in the heart of Knightsbridge. You’re surrounded by Harrods, Harvey Nichols and a range of designer brands. As with Bond Street you are registered with by a member of the Hermès team when you arrive and then will be asked to wait either upstairs or downstairs. The Sloane Street store in our opinion is the best for menswear in London and has a great amount of stock. In regards to bags, here is the easiest place in London to put your Wishlist. 

Hermes Sloane Street Store, London

3. Hermès Harrods, London

Best For: Homeware & Womenswear

Located inside London’s most prestigious department store you will find Hermès on the ground floor. Hermès, Chanel & Louis Vuitton are the largest concessions inside Harrods. On the ground floor you will have find leather goods, accessories, jewellery, footwear and homeware. There is also a womenswear section on the third floor, which is the largest Hermès womenswear section in London. Harrods does always have a large display of bags but these are often reserved for customers. In Harrods, commission is group based rather than individual for the sales so it will be up to the manager when leather goods are released. 

Harrods also have a dedicated homeware section on the 4th floor and here you will find the most stock for tableware pieces in the UK. So if your expresso cups are not available in Bond Street, you’ll have more luck in Harrods. 

Hermes Harrods Store, London

4. Hermès Selfridges, London

Best For: Scarves & Fragrances

Located in London’s Selfridge department store, you will find Hermès on the ground floor. It is much smaller than Harrods and does not offer menswear or womenswear, only footwear. This store is more focused on scarves and those looking for small items. Selfridges also have the Wishlist system and here like Sloane Street you might have more luck at securing a quota bag with less spend. 

Hermes Selfridges Store, London

5. Hermès Royal Exchange, London

Best For: Small Leather Goods

The Hermès in Royal Exchange originally was for to serve the bankers of the city, it is stocked with mainly small leather goods such as card holders, ties and menswear pieces. It is a very small store with a lot of history. If you are looking for bags this is not the store for you, but it is worth a look if you are passing by. The stock they receive is very limited. 

Hermes Royal Exchange Store, London

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