The Best 3 Places To Buy Pre-Loved Hermes Bags In London

Looking to buy an Hermes Birkin or Hermes Kelly? It can be very hard, especially if you are not up for playing the game. Pre-loved fashion is coming to the forefront as we look towards ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Hermes is well known for being a fashion house of high quality craftsmanship and design but just as notable for the difficulty to secure your most desired wishes. 

In 2023, we saw the increase of prices again at Hermes, making it a brand that is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many. If you are looking to buy Hermes items as a gift in London or are looking for a pre-loved Hermes bag in London, then look no further. We have selected 3 of the top places in London to purchase an Hermes bag in London. 

3 Places To Buy Pre-Loved Hermes In London


Found Fashion - Found Fashion are an online luxury reseller of Pre-Loved fashion, with an extensive knowledge and specialism in Hermes. The Found Fashion team have a wealth of knowledge of authenticity and provide only items of the top quality. Unlike a lot of other place that sell pre-loved Hermes in London, Found Fashion can provide a range of pre-loved items across a range of categories at a much more affordable price, due to less inflation of commissions. 

3 Places To Buy Pre-Loved Hermes In London


Bagista - We love Bagista, the team is ultra friendly and have both a physical store in Knightsbridge as well as an online presence. They known as one of the leaders in selling luxury pre-loved bags and you can visit their store and end up there for hours. They also offer a strong authentication service for bags, however they only offer this service for customers who are consigning with them.

3 Places To Buy Pre-Loved Hermes In London


Sellier Knightsbridge - Known for their beautiful imagery on social media, Sellier is another leading seller of Luxury bags and products in London. They sell a range of pre-loved luxury with a focus on the higher end brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. You can visit them in store or online. 

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