Hermes New Colours For 2023

It’s that time of year again when Hermes release their new colours for the first half of 2023. This is what we know so far about the new colours for the season. Hermes are making some comebacks with Rose Pop as well as updating some of the their classics such as Rouge H and Bleu De Pruse. 

There definitely has been some confusion on Purse Bop and other sites where they have claimed some older colours from 2022 are new. 

First we will show the new colours for 2022 and then below the 4 colours Hermes have relaunched for 2023. 

The New Hermes Colours For 2023

Hermes New Colours For 2023

Rose Pop 

Rose Pop is definitely going to be one of the most popular colours for 2023 as we know Hermès pinks are incredibly popular. The colour of the year according to Pantone is Viva Magenta, did Hermes get consulted first? Rose Pop sits in the family of Rose Mexico and Rose Extreme, both colours which Hermes focused a lot on at the end of 2022. 


Yuka is a new grassy green colour that has been released for 2023. It’s a mix of both a pop of colour and something subtle. If you take the shades from the yucca plant, then Yuka will be very similar. It gives us the feel of the dessert. Yuka will match perfectly with the brighter coloured outfits that we are seeing for Hermes Spring / Summer 2023. 

Vert Comics

Vert Comics is a very bright green that certainly will turn eyes. It did arrive at the end of 2022 but Hermes has confirmed it is new for 2023. Vert Comics will certainly put a smile on your face and is one of the more cheerful colours of 2023. 

Orange Minium

Orange Minium reminds us of clementines or tangerines. It is less orange that the classic H colour, it appears to pop more. So if you love the classic H orange, then this colour will scream Hermes to anyone. 

New White

The final new shade for 2023 is ‘New White’. We don’t know if Hermes are just trying to find another white, I mean the options are endless. New White is slightly off white, but just know there is not one ‘blanc’ in the house of Hermes. 

The Hermes Comeback Colours For 2023

Hermes New Colours For 2023

Rouge H 

Rouge H is definitely the ultimate Hermes classic colour. Rouge H was first introduced in the 1920s and is one of their signature colours that they are unarchiving for 2023. Very similar to Rouge Sellier and Rouge Casak, this deep red screams Parisian classical elegance. If you are love deep red shades or love an autumnal colour, the Rouge H is the one for you. 

Bleu de Prusse

Bleu de Prusse, also know as Prussian Blue is another Hermes staple. It was created in the 18th Century, named after the Dye they used to create the coats for the Prussian Army. Bleu de Prusse certainly changes depending on the leather and lighting, it is a more chalky bleu nuit. We are not huge fans of this come back, but it is another from the archives. 


If you know Hermes well, then you know they love a tan colour. You’ll find lots of vintage bags on the market in Fauve, often confused with its sister colour ‘Gold’, which is actually a lighter shade of Fauve, Fauve is more warmer. This will certainly be a popular colour for 2023 and of course we know Gold Hardware and White Stitching will compliment Fauve perfectly. 

Natural Sable 

Hermes might be trying to confuse us more, or give us more choices when we already have a Kelly 25 in Gold. Fauve is a darker shade compared to Gold, and Natural Sable is a lighter shade in comparison to Gold. Another classic Hermes tan colour for 2023, we’d liken it to Caramel. 

Hermes New Colours For 2023

Colours That Are Not New:

We have seen a lot of confusion on other sites about the new colours for 2023. The following are not new colours or colours being relaunched. They were either launched in 2022 or are colours that Hermes have been using in recent years. 

 Vert Fizz Limoncello
Gris Pale

Gris Neve


Vert Fonce


Gris Etain


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