The New Hermes Bag Charms For 2023

A new year brings, new colours, new bag designs and new accessories to make your dream Hermes bag even more unique. A black or gold Birkin bag of course is a classic, but adding a twilly or a bag charm makes it unique and more special. Choosing the perfect Hermes bag charm can be a hard decision with so many options to choose from. You can read more about the classic Hermes bag charms by clicking here. 

For now let us dive into the new Hermes bag charms that we know about so far for 2023. 

The Birdy Charm

The Birdy charm brings a whimsical touch to your handbag. The cute Birdy comes in a range of colours and has a palladium plated peak, that will compliment the locks on the Birkin and Kelly bags. The year of 2023 is all about lightness and this charm has been created to showcase the craftsmanship of the Hermes ateliers, featuring a range of leathers, colours, stitching and hardwares.

Hermes Bag Charms For 2023, The Jockey Charm

Limited Edition Magnolia Charm

The limited edition Magnolia charm has been released to mark the arrival of spring  for 2023, when the New York streets are coated into the beautiful white Magnolia petals. It is symbol of new life and Hermes have taken a playful take with brighter colours using recycled materials from the Hermes workshops. 

Hermes Bag Charms For 2023, The Magnolia Charm

The Jockey Charm

The jockey charm is a playful character charm strongly linked to equestrian, the heritage of Hermes. The jockey charm similarly to the Hermes Birdy charm is made from a variety of leathers and features palladium hardware touches. The Hermes Jockey charm additionally has a wooden head giving a more 3D vibe. This charm adds a lot of fun and is slightly smaller than the Birdy charm, making it perfect for a 25 sized bag.

Hermes Bag Charms For 2023, The Jockey CharmThe Budy Punk Charm

Last year Hermes introduced the Budy Charm as a new addition to the charm collection. They have redesigned the Budy for 2023 into a rocker punk vibe. The Budy Punk Charm features a merino wool body and a coat made of Milo Lambskin, with studs and a metal rocker style buckle. This is the perfect charm for your favourite black Hermes bag. 

Hermes Bag Charms For 2023, The Budy Punk Charm

The Micro Bolide On Wheels Charm

The Micro Bolide On Wheels Charm is the newest miniature bag that has been created into a charm version. We have seen the Kelly Doll and The Kelly turned into micro versions and the Bolide on Wheels charm is the latest from Hermes. Of course this is going to be a fun charm that will compliment your Bolide bag. It features a zip compartment that can open for you to put a 'very' small item inside. It does come with the highest price tag of all the new charms, so keep that in mind. 

Hermes Bag Charms For 2023, The Micro Bolide Charm

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